“The real Romney”


Peggy Noonan in the WSJ:

The real Romney is the one who can communicate. He’s straight and direct and not fancy, forgivably jargony, but worried about America and sincere. That’s the Romney who showed up for the debate. Stay that guy!

Romney Deflates the President – WSJ.com.

Mitt Romney after 5 years of being the “Let Detroit go Bankrupt” advocator, proposed debt fueled $5 trillion dollar tax cutter, 47% ignorer and self deportation advocate who staged a subpar convention, botched his foreign trip, deployed an anemic ground game and kept a light campaign schedule engages in weeks of intensive debate prep that results in a stylistically solid one and one half hour debate performance where he denies any logical reading of his proposals and contradicts his previously established political positions, and now he’s the real Romney.

Dear Peggy Noonan: If you have to practice that hard to be the “real you” after five years of campaigning, it ain’t the real you.