On Philadelphia Eagles Ring of Honor Inductee Brian Dawkins


Brian Dawkins was a fundamentally good player to have in your town because he was a good person to have in your community. There’s a bunch of stories like this one, some I’ve heard from people I know personally who know this first hand. This is how he is.

Gary, like Dawkins, was exhausted after the game. Gary was in the final battle of his long fight with prostate cancer. He was having trouble walking, in constant pain, and fighting severe fatigue.

This would be the last Eagles game that Gary was able to cover.

Dawkins emerged from the locker room barely able to walk, his face clearly reflecting the pain he was in. He asked me where we were going to do the interview. I explained that Gary was waiting for him, but it was a long walk to the other side of the stadium. That was as far as Gary could make it before he needed to sit and rest.

A quick discussion ensued between myself, Dawkins and Eagles media relations manager Ryan Nissan. It was quickly determined that Dawkins was too hurt to make the walk. We would have to cancel the interview. That is, until I said one simple thing to Dawkins, “Gary’s in bad shape, he’s having a really rough day.”

Dawkins looked me in the eye and said, “Let’s go.”
source: Brian Dawkins’ message to Gary Papa | 6abc.com.

I normally don’t post this type of stuff, but this is not the only “Dawkins story” I know of. He was inducted into the Eagles “ring of honor” last Sunday at halftime of the Eagles game vs. the New York Giants. He definitely belongs.

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