Laundered History


It may be that expect better of him or that I may be being sucked in by a (hopefully tongue in cheek) troll article, but whatever… Marc Lamont Hill’s 15 most overrated white people is supposed to be some sort of rebuttal to the unquestioningly awful elevation of a murderous, self aggrandized charaltan, European explorer, slave trader, colonizer and royal private contracter Christopher Columbus, who has been refashioned into an American icon. Columbus Day is a holiday based on a staggering array of myths about an actual human being, but it’s a fraud used to manufacture the romantic archetype of the virtuous colonizer in the brutal times that led to the founding of European colonies in America. I don’t see how making a list of “overrated white people” serves the purpose of establishing a more accurate historical perspective of Christopher Columbus or establishing a better perspective on the other 15 white people Hill talks about.