Dear undecided Liberal Obama 2008 voter….


Dear undecided Liberal Obama 2008 voter,

Yes. I know. I know. Drones. Drug War. Gitmo is still open. Afghanistan surge. Shirley Sherrod. Abusing War Powers to bomb Libya. Prosecuting whistleblowers. I am not going to minimize, these are failings to the liberal ethic or poorly executed initiatives within the Obama Presidency.

The only thing he did that Republicans don’t disagree with? Killing Bin Laden. Friend, we signed up for the Democratic/Obama team in 2008. that means we committed to a ticket with a vote. John Cole runs it down: The Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his party have promised to take back everything Obama accomplished that you DO like. Polls be damned, the Democratic convention lifted senate candidates. If Obama sinks in the swing states far enough to lose, that’s a much higher probability that the Republicans take the Senate, keep the house with crushing majorities and legislate as they have promised their base.

If there isn’t one thing you like about Obama’s first term, fine, but that doesn’t make you a “real liberal”, it makes you a real fan of fantasy. You believe you can sit home and if Romney wins it’s no bigs, because he’s just the same as Obama. Instead of being ok with another Obama term, you will be more ok with a Romney term because you think it will be like an Obama term, even though nothing Romney has promised to his base can lead you to believe that . You believe health care was a waste because Arianna Huffington/Howard Dean freaked out when we didn’t get single payer for all and said: better to start over! You believe if Romney repeals every Obama bill, then good! People will hate it and then by January 2020, we will have to elect a real liberal to be president.

You believe that on that fateful January day, a mischievous, heavy drinking, good hearted Leprechaun who believes in gold backed currency and yet can cobble together a balanced budget will be Speaker of the House. He’ll collegially conference with a Senate Majority Leader who is a Magical Talking Horse granted personhood under the Mr. Ed act of 2019 who will spirit the rascally Speaker’s bills through the US Senate chambers with the speed of Secretariat and down Pennsylvania avenue with the majesty of a Unicorn . This magical steed will ram right through a filibuster and right into the the Oval Office.

There a magic sword wielding knight who also goes by the title President of the United States will sign it with her quill pen and on her honor restore everything liberal (and more) that was reversed during Romney/Ryan’s 1st term. All of Marcellus Shale will be un-fracked. All of the dead people with pre-existing conditions in 2013 will be put in time machines and get the uncapped, health care they needed before they died. All of the brown and black people sold subprime mortgages by Wells Fargo’s robo-signing mortgage bot will be given mansions in school districts, their children will be given tutors so that they can become doctors and their credit will be repaired. All the liberal things we will have!

  • you believe it will work out the perfect candidate exists because of magic.
  • you believe that two different people from two different parties will do exactly the same thing no matter what.
  • you really don’t care about liberalism, you just are pretty sure you’ll be personally fine either way

Barack Obama is what a liberal, Democratic president looks like. Look back in history and you’ll see that. He’s been better than most. Democratic Liberalism is not a revolution. It never will be. It is a slow march with fits and starts. If this doesn’t look liberal enough to you, then fine, but it’s not because Obama’s the same as Mitt Romney. If you voted for Obama/Biden in 2008 based on liberal ideas, then you should vote for Obama/Biden in 2012. So sorry. Ok. sorry, he wasn’t the awesomest President in your dreams. He is still better than the alternative by far. At least when judged by the liberal ethic. KIT!