It’s not a draw, we lose


Before the debates, the political press pool covering Mitt Romney plays football with the candidate and his staff:

Mr. Romney joked that his team should try to win at all costs.

“Don’t worry about injuries guys — this counts,” he said. “Win!”

During his brief beach appearance, Mr. Romney also was asked — and ignored — several questions about the news of the day.

“Governor, as president, would you be open to one-on-one talks with Iran?” asked one reporter in the wake of a New York Times report suggesting that such talks were in the offing. The other two questions dealt with recent poll numbers and Monday night’s debate.Garrett Jackson, Mr. Romney’s body man, tried to brush the questions off: “Guys, this is a football game,” he said. “Come on. Are you kidding me?

source: A Football Draw for Romney’s Staff and the Press –

It’s not a football game. it’s an election, i wish the press would remember that.