Sandy & the ignored Homeless


Click here for a waste of letters and white space that looks into how Arianna Huffington spent her time in “romantic” candlelight during Hurricane Sandy while people were losing everything. (h/t Sully). Or you can go to BagNews and Notes to read and see the homeless left in Sandy’s wake and largely ignored by the media:

There are some articles to be found (HuffPo,NY Observer) focusing on the homeless. The accompanying photos seem to be snapped by local or amateur sources, however. If you were following the media photo stream, on the other hand, you’ll notice there is no shortage of images of the sandbagged or emptied New York Stock Exchange or America’s retail-industrial complex so professionally-protected.

I know it was the fashion section, but was there nothing in the fashion industry adversely affected by the storm? I’d rather they pretend it didn’t happen then write what the did.

Interesting that some folks used twitter to reach out to the Mayor’s office regarding homeless folks they saw in flood prone areas.