Math Haters: Fox News “analyst” Karl Rove sows disbelief in Fox News’ Poll Trolls


Showing disappointment is fine, but when you have on air talent openly doubting their own network’s factual reporting of election results, they shouldn’t be anywhere near your election coverage. I’m talking about Karl Rove:

They sent a host to go talk to the poll trolls in the back office at Fox News to just say we’re right, OH is for Obama.
and Maddow goes in:

Karl Rove got money, a lot of money, through Crossroads GPS to get Mitt Romney and down ticket Republicans elected. He is a consultant for Republican politicians and he was a dismal failure this election. Basically, Republicans looking to run for office in 2014 and 2016 should be able to point to the money given to Rove this election and say: why would we go through you?