Evacuate when told


Here is Green Island in Toms River:

Here is a story about “mike” from Toms River who it seems tried to weather the storm in this waterfront town:

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there have been countless stories of heartbreak, loss, and devastation throughout Ocean County and the Jersey Shore. But, as with any disaster, there are also amazing stories of survival and miracles. This story started out as a last plea for help and a message of love to the family of a man named “Mike” who had been swept out of his house in Toms River and had taken shelter in the evacuated home of strangers.

source: A Sandy Survivor Leaves Behind a Heartbreaking Goodbye Note at the Jersey Shore [Interview].

Now the rest is a heart warming story about how people found “Mike” and got him to his parents, but Mike didn’t narrowly escape death, he put himself in the path of death if he had any chance at all to evacuate and get to his parents, he damn well should have. One thing NJ Governor Chris Christie said during Irene in 2011 and Sandy in 2012 that is so damn true: if you don’t evacuate from these areas then you are stupid.

The interviewer didnt ask the obvious question: why the hell didn’t you evacuate?