Learned Nothing: Republican Establishment wants nice presentation of same policies, Tea Party wants to move farther right


Who is Rep. Paul Ryan backing for Republican leadership in the house? Tea Bagger: Tom Price

Mr. Price, an outspoken conservative who helped lead Republican opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care law, is running against Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for Republican Conference chairman.

source: p m carpenters commentary: Ryans learning curve.

Ryan is also refusing to back any additional tax revenue to deal with the debt. Here is Rep. Tom Price (also a medical doctor) on Obamacare:

Boehner wants McMorris Rodgers because she was a good solider who brazenly denied that the Republican Party, a party that is against The Lily Ledbetter Act, supporting candidates defining Legitimate Rape, would deny included contraceptive coverage for insured women and issued a platform that would outlaw reproductive rights is not fighting a “War on Women” during the 2012 campaign*:

They are going to knee cap Majority Leader Boehner at every turn until he capitulates. In effect, he will be leader of no caucus. Representatives have to deliver. They are much more closely coupled with constituent needs than are Senators or the President. If the Tea Party continues to knee cap Boehner he will either have to join their blockade as he foolishly did last time or legislate with (gasp) Democrats so that things get done. It was true last term, it’s true this term: Boehner has no control over his caucus and as a result he has no caucus.

*Note: John King is awful.