Only one can be trusted


Adele Stan lists screeds from 10 Republicans who think their party’s dysfunctional at Salon. I only trust Megan McCain’s because while they all say they hate Karl Rove (except for Karl Rove), she is the only one who openly sets her political consulting price ($5/free):

I hate — hate — Karl Rove. I think he’s an idiot, a pretentious blowhard, and I think he was ruined a lot of things for the Republican Party during the Bush administration. All these millionaires that keep giving him $400 million for him to not win one election — maybe it’s not working! Maybe it’s not working.

Give me five freakin’ dollars — I’ll tell you for free what we gotta do. You can’t keep going and trying to get white men, because they’re dying off; it’s not a demographic anymore. We need the single women. But you don’t care. Seriously, I hate Karl Rove.

I give her a pass for not mentioning that her father nominated a know nothing lunatic for Vice Presidential nomination. It’s her father after all.