Gran Torino III: Bill O’Reilly as Clint Eastwood as Walt Kowalski in “Turn that asian jibberish down!”


Some choice assertions by Bill O’Reilly and his WAMOR (white angry male old republican) friend:

  • Watching Gangnam style = same as getting high.
  • Psy is not using any words. It’s just gibberish.
  • There is a lack of insight here. like anyone who uses
  • Pyonyang. Seoul. Who cares.

why Gran Torino III? Silly person who probably likes this Gang ‘Nam noise sung by Cambodians at quinceaneras: the 2012 RNC was II.

Mel Gibson is doing a parallel series. Gran Torino: holocaust denier. They will intersect in World War on Christmas I, II and III. sequels to O’Reilly blockbuster movie

There are people that thought what Clint Eastwood did at the RNC was fantastic and then there were people who are white, angry at black president, 65 and up and Republican. Really agreeing with anything that Bill O’Reilly is saying here is the opposite of those noises you can only hear if you are a teenager.