McElroy up. Sanchez (& Tebow) down.


Sanchez benched for McElroy.

Much to the crowd’s dismay, McElroy stood idly by on the sidelines as Sanchez scuffled through the first three quarters. And the more he struggled, the louder the “Mc-El-Roy” calls grew.

But despite the boos for Sanchez, Ryan stayed with his starter.

Sanchez’s poor play turned what should have been a matter-of-fact win against an overmatched, third-string rookie quarterback into an ugly, brutal-to-watch nail-biter. The Jets’ starting quarterback was picked off three times and sacked twice by the Cardinals. Former Jets safety Kerry Rhodes intercepted Sanchez’s first play of the game (a pass intended for Jeremy Kerley) and Rhodes also picked off Sanchez in the final minute of the first quarter.

source: Mark Sanchez benched, Greg McElroy leads Jets past Cardinals.

I’m excited to see McElroy play in the NFL, precisely because he’s boring. He’s a guy who just didn’t make mistakes at Alabama and had some command of the field in being able to do his job in the frenzy and mania that is the end of a close game. To me, making all the plays routine, even throw aways or checking down to a play and taking a three and out just outside your opponents side of the field can be masterful if put together with a string of other great decisions.

Sanchez has not been up to the task of keeping his team “on schedule” on the field and may need to re-work how he approaches his execution of the quarterback position.

Also, really glad it wasn’t Tebow. For me, he is a very awful quarterback to watch play. I don’t know what the Jets front office thought bringing him here when they had so many other holes, but I would guess they rethink that now.