What’s going on with the Philadelphia Eagles? Chaos.


I think in the end, Andy Reid is a good coach who in some way is trying to salvage something out of this season for everyone. Playing time for players he drafted. Good tape for coaches he recruited into this mess.

Jim Washburn calling Juan Castillo “Juanita” in meetings is workplace harassment, it’s sexist, extremely unprofessional and counterproductive:

And in Castillo, Reid got a defensive coordinator who was not only miscast from the beginning but forced to work with a defensive line coach who had little respect for the former offensive line coach and didn’t hesitate to show it, two team insiders – one player, one assistant coach – said in the last few days.

Washburn operated apart from Castillo, running his own little defensive line fiefdom and often either ignoring Castillo or derisively calling him “Juanita” in front of his players, the veteran defensive player said. He was condescending and confrontational and embarrassed Castillo frequently in meetings and at practice and also went over the line criticizing his players at times.

What’s more is that Washburn and Babin are very closely tied. Washburn was reportedly enraged when Babin was let go, a move that sealed Washburn’s fate with the Eagles. Reid told reporters that both decisions – to let Babin go and fire Washburn – were his. He said that firing Washburn was not to save his own job, but that it “needed to be done now.” It’s odd, though, that Castillo was fired before Washburn

source: Jim Washburn Reportedly Demeaned Juan Castillo by Calling Him “Juanita” and Embarrassing Him in Meetings – Crossing Broad.

The Eagles locker room is a shit show. Andy Reid built a miserable team this year and an unworkable organization. For that, his contract should def. not be extended beyond this season.