On protecting legacy


Sports writers willfully missed Canseco and the birth of the steroids era.

They gleefully overlooked the McGwire/Sosa arms race.

They myopically focused on Barry Bonds,because he was churlish to them, while they romanticized the Red Sox winning the two steroids augmented sluggers (David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez) who powered the race and were accompanied by a loudmouth Curt Schilling who foolishly stated everyone who cheated should give their awards back. He still has his championship rings after winning playing alongside proven cheats in Arizona and Boston. They missed Roger Clemens and Rafael Palmeiro who were of a character worth trusting.

Now they want to correct that by skipping a HOF voting year. Well guess what: with baseball’s stringent rules, some non-cheater will not get in while they live. All the cheaters I listed above, did great things while being enabled by writers, GMs and managers across the league. While sportswriters happy to marvel at opposite field home runs from shorts stops and a league thirsty for ratings decided to turn the other cheek. Now sportswriters are pompously appointing themselves to punish all HOF eligible players. With the limited slots and high threshold to get in, there guys who didn’t cheat that can kiss induction goodbye. And none of those steroids cheats will have to give away a ring, a trophy or a plaque.

The writers need to move on unless they are willing to give up their paychecks for their work during the 20 or so years of the steroids era.