On serving those who profit & benefit from gun violence


The NRA serves those who profit & benefit from gun violence. They don’t represent responsible gun owners. Anyone responsible who owns a gun owns it for hunting or for some sort of occupational or residential protection. That means you pull out your gun when it’s [insert animal here] hunting season, to shoot large or dangerous wild animals on your property, or to confront/deter potentially violent human intruders.

Anyone who owns a corner store in a bad neighborhood would like to find ways to make it harder for folks who are mentally ill, drug addicted and psychopathic to get their hands on a gun. Any parent who drops their kid off at school wants that too.

Anyone organized group who opposes those basic measures as policy must thrive from an environment of fear that drives people to buy more guns. That’s it. Wayne LaPierre proved that in his press conference and should be treated as such. The only ones who profit from gun violence is gun makers. Each and every mass shooting means more guns bought.

Police and Fire Unions have a lot of gun owners and they have to deal with the effects of violence culture mixed with easy access to firepower for those inclined to be violent. They along with prosecutors need to be the political front line against the NRA.