“Bipartisan” doesn’t mean anything Boehner led, tea bagger bound US House


From New York Times: Condoleezza Rice Forming Bipartisan Immigration Group:

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is working to put together a group of high-profile Republicans and Democrats to find on bipartisan solutions to the immigration problem, a source familiar with the plans said on Friday.

This is another both sides need to settle in the middle, we will help find a grand compromise bargain meeting of the minds agreement caucus gang of some number less than 10 group last minute deal type of party.

In reality the Democrats have already compromised. Take for example the Dream Act a compromise on immigration policies for undocumented immigrants brought to America as children who have been long term residents and can only call the United States their home. This was a deal between house Democrat Luis GutiĆ©rrez and Orrin Hatch in 2001 that was then rejected by Republicans and later by Hatch himself. Hatch abandoned his own plan in 2010 because of the ferocious challenge from the teabagger right being mounted against him for his senate seat in 2012. So if any work needs to be done to make bipartisan immigration reform, it’s by moving Republicans back to where they were in 2001. Not Democrats and Republicans. In addition, we have a high profile group who is supposed to work on immigration reform: congress.

Unless rumored involved players like former DNC chair, former Philadelphia Mayor, former PA Governor Ed Rendell and Hillary Clinton primary 08 surrogate is a tea bagger now, he’s around for some other reason. Probably more billable lobbyist hours. Nothing wrong with that. Just saying.