Zucker’s CNN: Soledad O’Brien out, Erin Burnett in. Wall to Wall “poop cruise” coverage


As journalists like Soledad O’Brien are replaced by anonymous source parroters like Erin Burnett, CNN will become even less useful but find ratings hits around stories you could care less about like sh*t ships. It’s good to remember that Jeff Zucker was good at promoting exactly that type of news programming. He was the guy who turned around the Today Show in the early 90’s. It’s a conscious management decision to go with Zucker as the head of a worldwide news organization, and what they are conscious of is ratings. See the difference between O’Brien and Burnett below.

Soledad O’Brien asks Ron Johnson about why his reaction to Secretary of state Clinton’s testimony was that she used emotion to evade testimony:

Erin Burnett Sen Ron Johnson if Secretary Clinton’s emotion during Senate testimony around Benghazi was “real”:

Burnett then asks Sen. Johnson if he’s stunned because Libyan suspect has gone free after Benghazi, well because they couldn’t prove involvement: