Noonan, Dowd & Scarborough advise Obama: pass gun control by threatening senators w/violence, speeches, blackmail

Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta in "Obama Biden Gun Control"

Samuel L. Jackson is Barack Obama. John Travolta is Joe Biden in “Maureen Dowd’s Think Like a Man 26”

Maureen Dowd: He’s not like one of my angry drunk uncles who knew how to push a woman or man around to get whatever they wanted. Including more whiskey, steak, or signature gun control legislation.

Peggy Noonan says it in her soothing post-brunch pre-tea time voice:

Who knew so many older white people wanted us black men to be angry and threatening when we talk about guns to white people?

Obama responds by inviting female senators to the White House. Dowd will write that he probably just fed them fair trade chocolate covered organic fruit, rubbed their feet before broaching the most soothing of policy talks when he totally should have started a White House fight club.