Air a full day of actual news content


In May MSNBC behind FoxNews, CNN Lite aka NewsCenter and CNN…MSNBC is not even a 24 hour news network:
What’s wrong with MSNBC is that it’s dominated by Lockup and Caught on Camera or something all weekend. It gets 3rd in line rating because they have the 3rd most news content.

BTW, CNBC is a business news station and seems to do okay. More like that MSNBC.

They finally seem to have begun to figure out that airing the same hour long episodes about a brutal rape and kidnapping from 10 years ago or the worst shanking, guard wrestling, fecal throwing, raping criminals in SuperMax directly after Rachel Maddow just dutifully explains to us how controversial a failure of the Violence Against Woman Act isn’t really what the lefties, liberals or the average American want from their news station.

In addition most CNN is on in the background in public places and reception areas and during holidays when ESPN Sportscenter gets clicked off. Pay your anchors to work from church time right up to say midnight. See how it works out when the family can say watch it without seeing any of that B.S.

Also, this is summer time. FoxNews is in full “Democrats are ruining America because of Healthcare, Obamacare implementation, Benghazi, Contraception covered by Healthcare, Homos, Tea Baggers in Townhalls, More women being top bread earner in the household” mode.

Also when Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes are top rated: more like that on weekdays please!