trying to rewrite civil rights history, again


trying to rewrite civil rights history, again:

“I think Martin Luther King’s dream has been fulfilled,” said Ron Christie, a Republican strategist who served as special assistant to President George W. Bush. “All men and women in this country are now treated equally. Legal discrimination has been outlawed.”
Still, there are differences of opinion even among conservatives on this point.
Artur Davis served as a Democratic congressman representing Alabama before ultimately abandoning the party after a failed gubernatorial bid. Davis, who describes himself now as “a center-right Republican,” spoke at the 2012 Republican National Convention in support of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.
Davis argues that Republicans do themselves no favors when they insist that injustices have been banished.
“We do have racial inequality, we do have economic inequality that exists in this country,” he said “Any strain of rhetoric that seems to deny that inequality exists is destined to fall flat in the black community.”
Davis also contended that the GOP too often paid lip-service to “black outreach”.

Ron Christie sees what he wants to see. Artur Davis doesn’t see that he’ll never be too popular in his new party talking like that.Neither of them understand film and tv existed when Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive. Behold…evidence: