Book authors should look to rappers for inspiration

Authors should publish like Luda

Authors should publish like Luda

Book authors need to learn the hustle:

But not everyone agrees. Emily Gould complainsthat “When ebooks and pbooks are bundled, the ebooks are sold at a loss. That’s authors’, publishers’ and, associatively, non-AMZN retailers’ loss” and “frustrating we have to keep explaining that ebook production is not free. digital objects are not made by elves.”

Do it like rappers:

Self Publish or and go to Amazon and find alternate ways to promote or partner. The point is sell more, publish for less.

Do it like some other rappers:

Go to smaller imprints that demand less money for promotion.

Do it like other rappers:

Start your own imprint and get a partnership with an imprint which reduces their take on profits.

Do it like all those rappers do:

diversify your promotions and offerings. (say blog somewhere?)

In addition: trademark your sh*t, and protect your intellectual property. Or just realize you won’t make money and be ok with that.