NFL contractually bound to crappy Surface Tablets

This is better than Microsoft Surface, worse than an iPad

This is better than Microsoft Surface Tablet

MG Seigler is right:

Microsoft’s partnership with the NFL also makes the Surface the official tablet of the league, and Microsoft hopes that teams will start to use the devices on the sidelines during games. We saw a brief demo of a Surface app called X2 that’s designed to allow team staff to more easily track concussions

Something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot of devices that look a lot like iPads on the sidelines but so obfuscated that you can’t quite make them out. Sure, they’re Surfaces!

The Bengals on Hard Knocks & many other teams already use iPads. 14 Teams as of last fall. Players phone of choice is iPhone something and I’m sure that 2nd is prob. some super big Samsung Android phone.

If a surface tablet is really being used to track concussions, then these players brains are screwed. I’m serious.

Another note: I had the unfortunate experience of using Windows 8 on a laptop. Quite literally one of the most frustrating counterintuitive messes ever. I never want a Windows 8 machine. Ever.