Chris Matthews: Obama doesn’t like playing cards with pols


I heard Chris Matthews on the TV saying something to the effect that Obama doesn’t like to politic aka do things like play cards with politicians just to build rapport:

Their Wednesday game had a codename, “the committee meeting” (“people would come up and say, ‘Is there a committee meeting tonight?’,” remembers Walsh ), and it became so popular among Democrats, Republicans and lobbyists alike that two tables were sometimes required. The game started at a local country club, moved to Link’s living room, and then finally to his basement, which Link transformed into a full-blown poker den, complete with vents to accommodate all the cigarette and cigar smoking. (“I refuse to answer that question,” he chuckles, when asking about Obama’s puffing habits, “because I know Michelle too well.”

via Obama Poker Player: His Lousy Bluffing Skills – The Daily Beast

Obama did this all the time: the playing of the cards. With people of all walks of political life in Springfield. The real issue is that these people don’t want to cooperate or talk to him because it’s bad for them. They have spent every waking moment since it was clear Obama was it in 2007 that he’s a monster. To their constituents, often exclusively Fox News viewers President Obama is no legitimate Head of State and Commander in Chief. He is Bilderburg group charing, Kenyan Marxist, Commie, Socialist, Bleeding Heart liberal, Black Panther, Muslim, Radical Christian, Godless, Idiot Manchurian Candidate incapable of not using a teleprompter, Evil Mastermind of the national gun purge of 2009 2010 2011 2013 2014, Anti-Christ, Closet Gay, Chicago gangster, effete suburban house husband neutered, Pimp Misogynist lover of white women chained to radiators, militant race separatist, Reverse Racist, evil of all evil usurpers of what’s good about apple pies and this US of A.

Obama negotiated with Putin and Assad over chemical weapons. Obama is talking to f*cking Iran on the damned phone for chrissakes. He reaches out to the republicans all the time. They just reject him! These GOP f*ckers can’t talk or be fair to him because they use him as their boogeyman to say: vote for me or it’s over for you. They aren’t looking at polls that say: who’s at fault for the shutdown? or who would be responsible if US doesn’t raise debt ceiling? The poll they look at: how much would your base hate you if you made a deal with (alleged) President Obama?

So how do you “fix” that relationship?