Let’s start “Both Sides Do it PAC”®©™ to rival “No Labels” in uselessness


I just saw a “No Labels” commercial on Liberal TV aka MSNBC, with a message from two guys who literally had labels before and after their names. Jon Huntsman and Evan Bayh were on the TV telling me about how “No Labels” pushes for common sense solutions that don’t make sense on paper or in reality and assembling self-righteous bi-partisan rudderless “gangs of some number less than 12 but more than 4” to play at solving problems. Which means they are really vague about what they are going to do and really wrong about what to do and really wrong how to do it. The “No Labels” mantra: “Both Sides Do It” so if we don’t act like we are from “Both Sides” and got elected to represent that side…”No Labels” wins! The “It” in “Both Sides Do it” being something the Republicans have done to stop President Obama from winning anything. Then the people without Labels tell us how Washington should work: everyone make a deal, screw your base and judge against the labeless razor: if no one is happy and a deal is made that deal is the best!

Get it? Elections don’t have consequences, Labels do! And only bad consequences come from Labels!

I didn’t vote for “No Labels” and neither did anyone else. I voted for people with some sort of party affiliation (or non-affiliation), platform promises and promised attempts at initiatives. Those things are all labelled. I don’t know when labels got to be such a bad thing. But now they are because Huntsman and Bayh said so. Huntsman’s the guy who didn’t get that Republican nomination because he didn’t understand that the label: “black President’s ambassador to China” wouldn’t help him out in the primary. Bayh’s the guy who quit because of partisanship (things looked bleak for Dems and he thought he would lose) just as the craziest Republicans running for the US Senate added “forcible rape = no preggers” to their 2012 platform.

So I figure, some of us bloggers need to get into this biz. Let’s just start “Both Sides Do it PAC”. We can get on Sunday Shows, Morning Shows, evening shows and all we have to say is: “Both Sides Do it!”. There are so many people I can recruit to this new PAC, and I can be ambassador to blacks, we can sprinkle some other people of colo…oh wait, “No labels” amiright? I’m a real flag pin I mean real American! I can feel America getting less label-y and more one sides-y already.

You think I am being snarky? You just labelled me! See “Both Sides do it!”®©™.