Experian credit bureau Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service

"I have the Experian credit reports!" - Clarence Beeks to  Hieu Minh Ngo

“I have the Experian credit reports!” – Clarence Beeks to Hieu Minh Ngo

Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service:

“The issue in my mind was the fact that this went on for almost a year after Experian did their due diligence and purchased” Court Ventures, Martin said. “Why didn’t they question cash wires coming in every month? Experian portrays themselves as the databreach experts, and they sell identity theft protection services. How this could go on without them detecting it I don’t know. Our agreement with them was that our information was to be used for fraud prevention and ID verification, and was only to be sold to licensed and credentialed U.S. businesses, not to someone overseas.”


“Firms of all sorts are using consumer data in ways that may not just be contrary to consumers’ expectation, but could also be harmful to their interests,” Ramirez said. “This problem is perhaps seen most acutely with data brokers — companies that collect and aggregate consumer information from a wide array of sources to create detailed profiles of individuals. Their success depends on having more and better data than their rivals. The concern is that their mega-databases may contain highly sensitive information. The risk of improper disclosure of sensitive information is heightened because consumers know nothing about these companies and their practices are invisible to consumers.”

If you rent an apartment, apply for a mortgage, apply for a credit card, Experian is one of the big three that gets your data. Then they sold it to anyone with the money. Who else bought this data?