ACA Still a BFD, still not a hurricane ignored.

needs to work. like now. damn it.

needs to work. like now. damn it.

I listen to Morning Joe in the background every morning to hear Republican and centrist dem spin. Katty Kay stepped in for Mika Brezinski as the show’s newsreader for the and emphasized the WSJ headline “Obama Retreats”, Nicole Wallace and Joe Scarborough concluded after Obama’s presser for the fix that isn’t a fix (aka keep your old junk insurance for a year) means that government shouldn’t be taking on health care because it destabilizes the private insurance market. Scarborough says that Republicans missed the opportunity to put in place a viable replacement. As if the legislation just snuck by them and Republicans hadn’t maintained that we Americans had the best healthcare in the world during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns and during Obama’s tenure. Harold Ford discussed Obama’s trust issues due to the “You can keep your policy if you like it” promise while noting that Dems had begun to revolt leaving out the fact that “Blue Dog Dems” had revolted which is nothing new.

Scarborough then pivoted from fiasco meant to claim the stimulus shouldn’t have been “rushed” out of congress as it was also from the federal government. This ignores the fact that the stimulus was an economic success and was well administered by VP Joe Biden). You can watch the segments below or click here…

second segment below…

And there you have it: the two conservatives teamed up to say: this proves everything by government shouldn’t be done because they are so bad doing everything. The center right Dem and the journalist worried about political impact while the true liberal on the panel actual worried about a workable solution. This is what you’ll see now, the panic patrols of Republicans offering the president poison pills to fix his marquee legislation aka destroy it. “he can’t be trusted” and “he won’t be able to do anything” just like Bush after Katrina. Remember more people will get access to healthcare which will help them live longer. After Bush ignored Katrina and it became evident his whole administration was checked out, people died unnecessarily and then the economy began to unravel and people were losing homes and their jobs. That’s why no one trusted George W. Bush like ever again: people died or lost their quality of life. This is not the same.

So I found out by reading things you can go Here or here. and see what Obamacare has to offer even if you can’t get to (which I could as of this morning).

Last time I bought individual insurance, it was 2004 or 2005, I was in my mid 20s, and still playing Rugby. It cost me over 300 for a catastrophic plan that I bought for the Rx coverage through an insurance broker. I was laid off at the time and took the time to find a job I really wanted and COBRA was even more costly because I had what I now know was a gold level plan. I didn’t really realize it wouldn’t had covered anything had I gotten hurt. Imagine that.

According to the 1st site, today being in my mid 30s, a Platinum plan under Obamacare, with my salary which is out of the subsidy range, range from 382.85 HMO and 419.05 PPO. Gold plans range from a 293.50 HMO to 408.71 PPO. A Bronze plan range starts at 228.72 PPO and tops off at 294.43 PD.

I know, people were paying 170 for their policy, but paying 228.72 and having access to real insurance and my prescriptions would have been great in 05 when my salary level was about 30-40% less and I was a jr. programmer would have been much, much better.

I can’t stress how much better this law is better for most (95% to 96% of Americans immediately) and 99% of us in the long term. really.