Thanksgiving holiday night not Black Friday eve


The extension of retail bonanza is a travesty for retail workers so it’s encouraging to read in Venture Beat that folks aren’t about The Thanksgiving night “shopping orgy”.

According to a 4,600-person survey by Visa, 49 percent of us are not impressed with the over-commercialization of the Thanksgiving weekend and don’t plan to shop on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, or any of the other shopping days this weekend.


Which begs the question: Will we really not shop on the weekend, or do we just want to think of ourselves as people who, on Thanksgiving, are actually giving thanks, rather than reaching out for an ever-bigger piece of the consumer pie that retailers are dangling in front of our faces.

We can make retailers give this day back to their works by not showing up. This is one of the rare times our buying dollars are directly responsible for screwing people who work for a living.