Why I switched to iOS: HTC’s awful Android Update Explainer

HTC One: same as the day you bought it. forever.

HTC One: same as the day you bought it. forever.

I left HTC (my G2 was an HTC phone that never updated) because they were fond of using “That is too complicated for you to understand silly user” excuse not to update their android devices. From John Gruber:.

This giant convoluted clusterfuck is their excuse for the fact that most HTC One devices — the ones people buy from carriers — still don’t have access to Android 4.4.

You know who goes through these steps? Every wireless hardware maker ever. This is an example of a company using tech mumbo jumbo to get most people to accept their subpar service and delivery.

My friend bought a Motorola Android phone a year (pre Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobile division) after I bought my HTC made G2 (as in Google Phone 2) which I was being told would be updated at some point and never was. I was jarred by the Android features that he had available due to having a newer version. Let alone security patches or feature upgrades that may have been rolled out with the new OS. I’d been had and I didn’t want to be had again.

So I switched. My iPad 1G stopped updating a little bit ago, but it was my iPad 1G! I don’t use it anymore. My G2 was my phone. I used it every day and HTC was happy to sell me something with the promise of updates that never happened. Never again. The iPhone 5 I have updates all the time. I’ve got the latest operating system.

And I don’t want to hear “it’s just HTC”. Every Android maker has models that don’t sell where this type of dissembling delay makes perfect sense for their bottom line and the consumer gets screwed. No thanks.