Corbett’s Retreat

Cobra Commander Retreat

“Retreaaat!”: Cobra Commander reenacts Corbett’s retreat to the Bellevue

Yes, if suburban Philly voters re-elect Corbett they will lose Regional rail

And Yes, Tom Corbett has enacted policies that have been detriments to Philadelphia, Chester and other Pennsylvania cities.

He skipped out on an appearance at Central High School, which would have been his first appearance at a Philadelphia public school, because students and alumni were waiting to protest him for his cuts to public education across the state. (video courtesy CBS Philadelphia):

Corbett’s visit is part of a campaign to commend high-achieving schools on Pennsylvania’s first-ever performance scores. He was joined by school Superintendent William Hite.
The Philadelphia School District is weathering its worst financial crisis in recent memory and some parents and teachers say it was worsened by Corbett’s budget-balancing cuts to education aid in 2011.
Corbett, a Republican who is running for re-election in November, is critical of teachers’ unions and has worked to advance private, parochial and charter schools.

By the way, Philadelphia schools under public funding cuts, high stakes testing requirements and the have been implicated in one of the biggest test cheating scandals during the tenure of corporatist administration of now deceased former Superintendent Arlene Ackerman.

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook reports: “After more than two years of investigations by both the state and the School District, 138 Philadelphia educators have been implicated in test score cheating, according to information given to the School Reform Commission Thursday.”

via This Could Be The Largest Cheating Scandal in America | News | Philadelphia Magazine.

The venue was moved from Central H.S., one of Philadelphia and the state’s best public schools to the posh Bellevue Hotel in downtown Philadelphia. Fitting?