BET.COM: Philly School System under investigation for cheating


This is a problem…that many of those far left liberals predicted

Philadelphia’s public school system is being rocked by allegations that nearly 140 teachers and administrators have been implicated in a cheating scandal, according to officials of the school system.

Officials said they anticipate that disciplinary action or even termination proceedings will be taken against several school employees within the next few weeks.

The Philadelphia school district is the 10th largest in the United States with an enrollment that is roughly two-thirds African-American.

The scandal, which was first reported in the Wall Street Journal, has already led to the firing of three principals in the last week. That was the result of a probe that started in 2009 that looked at erasure patterns that investigators deemed as being suspicious.

from: Philadelphia School System Faces a Cheating Investigation | News | BET.

Note: this is after the school reform commission has implemented tons of it’s recommendations including high stakes testing.