Josh Marshall’s SOTU Review: “Whatever, Guys …”


Josh Marshall’s SOTU Review: "Whatever, Guys …":

I’d sum it up in two words: “Whatever, guys …”

Gone from the speech was what I’d heard in pretty much every other Obama State of the Union, pressing bipartisan cooperation, finding common ground, pushing points of agreement. There wasn’t a contrary note. It was more just ignoring the whole thing, as though the President were saying, “Okay, guys, I get it. You won’t do anything. Okay. Fine.”

Prior to 2014 Obama had to press bipartisanship. He said he would as a candidate. Twice. Delivered under the triumphant cover of a two term Presidency humbled 2010 midterm electorate and 2013 political setbacks, the 2014 State of the Union Address emphasized presidential prerogative in lieu of 44’s appeals for collegial efforts by Republicans constantly besieged by the far right wing of their party.