Philly Jesus story by @FarFarrAway on’s “Most Important Journalism” List


Included in the 2014: The Most Important Philly Journalism list over at are links to important articles about political corruption from state wide fracking conspiracies down to violations of property rights, the use of lethal police force, a star athlete’s corrupted finances, tweeter FanSince09 using social media to quickly track down criminally brutish gay-bashing suburbanites and of course Philly Mag re-breaking the Bill Cosby story + social media. Seriously go read them.

But in the end, you gotta rep your crew:

Stephanie Farr on Philly Jesus. It seems like Philly Jesus was everywhere this year — BBC, Reuters, Instagram, jail — but it was the Daily News’ Farr who introduced him to the wider public. Why do I rate this story so highly? Personal pique. I saw Philly Jesus wandering Center City early in the summer and thought: “I wonder what his story is?” Farr had the same question, and like a good journalist, went to answer it — and got an interesting piece out of it. Not every important story results in a lawsuit or a reputation ruined: Sometimes we just get to learn a little more about the community around us. Kudos to Farr for remembering that.

via 2014: The Most Important Philly Journalism | News | Philadelphia Magazine

My only qualm is the blurb says “like a good journalist”.

I know Farr’s a great journalist. Good for Philly.