No One True Liberal


The modern American presidency is a mountain of responsibilities, impossible decisions and tough calls. A President gets into office and start making decisions that will change the country and often the world.

Every liberal president is less of a liberal than the liberal candidate they were. They have or want to do awful things that absolutely no true liberal ever on Twitter or Facebook would ever do if they were president. At times, the good bills can’t get passed, other times a bill passes and there are unintended consequences or not enough consequences, sometimes they just believe in a thing that must be done that isn’t very good because it’s what supposed sensible adults who aren’t very liberal but are very trusted tell them to do and other times they just screw up and do a liberal thing very poorly.

Whether it be President Clinton or President Sanders or President Stein or President Clean Up After President Trump, they will all end up doing something that will disappoint or hurt a lot of people. The point of a lefty in the Oval Office is a liberal president can readily be pushed or supported in their pursuit of accomplishing liberal things.

None of them is one true liberal, they are all real life liberals. They will all fail most of our purity tests, they will even fail their own. We’ll never elect one true liberal because they don’t exist, we can elect a real life liberal President to do one liberal thing after another.