#DNCinPhilly: Never Been Here Before


I was seriously irked by the three young Sanders delegates (new members of the power elite) who at their first DNC’s were still on the fence or never going to support HRC. Then I realized these 20 some year olds weren’t old enough to remember “Gore Bush Same diff” theme, championed by Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader, during the 2000 campaign that brought us the first four years of GW’s sub par administration.

It would do some of us olders to remember that before we say “wtf” to the youngins: that they have never been here before.

Anyone Gen X or Older can f*ck off, but the Millenials came with wildly outsized expectations of the convention process. On social media and in fever pitched faux revolutionary meetings, i am sure they were being told by oldheads who had never been to a DNC that Roberts Rules of Order would open up a portal back in time that would allow them to get Bernie to the nomination.

We should, it’s tough to, try to convince them to embrace pragmatism in absence of their original hope.