#DNCinPhilly: Contrast with Cleveland


The RNC has been disqualifying event for me since 2008 when Sarah Palin got up to speak. It was ideologically inconsistent and reductive view of the American experience. It proved to be the most coherent thing she would ever say under the national spotlight. Pundits quickly fell out of love with her the more it became evident she was a disqualifying pick for VP. Every Republican ticket from that point on has tapped her at one point or another to pitch in and it’s a bigger disaster every time.

I can see a Republican saying Romney and Paul Ryan would do just fine for them.

This year’s RNC, this year has to be a deal breaker for anyone who is sane. The deal breaker is not just Donald Trump. It’s the awful speakers. It’s the tepid endorsements or non-endorsements. It’s the way most Republicans in close races stayed away from the convention. It’s the adversarial, divisive and fearful tone. It’s the ridiculous self congratulation over the first openly gay person (who happens to be a billionaire) addressing the RNC for the first time…in 2016.

A friend of mine said this last night as we watched Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic nomination: no living President supports the Republican nominee for that office. Even George W. doesn’t think he has what it takes. Cleveland was a deal breaker.