Tonight: I’m Sleeping Out to Support Homeless Youth!


I’m Sleeping out to Support Homeless Youth!

Tonight, Friday March 23rd, I will be sleeping outside to raise money for Covenant House PA Youth Shelters and I’m asking for your support.
Covenant House serves youth that have lost their only parent or guardian, have runaway to escape abuse and neglect, are suffering with mental illness, have been kicked out because of teen pregnancy or to escape traffickers. Covenant House is one of the few programs that provides shelter and food, onsite medical care, job training, education services, identity recovery, counseling and spiritual services to homeless youth. They show each young person absolute respect and unconditional love, and work with them to create a plan that helps them move from homelessness to independence.
You can make a tax deductible donation:
If you’ve donated and want to make sure your money is keeping me outside in the 30°F weather, you can use the Instagram hashtag: #CHSleepOut and #SleepMoney and you will see proof.
If you can’t donate, please pass this on to some of your friends
I’ve answered some frequently asked questions below. Email me at if you have any additional questions.