I’m Sleeping Outside to Support Homeless Youth! Will you help me?


In 48 Hours I’m Sleeping Outside to Support Homeless Youth! Will you help me by donating? All proceeds raised go directly to Covenant House Pennsylvania Homeless Youth programs and allows us to show solidarity with the millions of homeless youth around the world.

Why should you Donate?

The money you donate goes directly to help homeless children.Covenant House PA is completely privately funded and every dollar raised provides food, shelter, immediate crisis care, and essential services like education and job training to homeless youth in facilities like:

  • 76 bed Crisis Center in Germantown, PA
  • 20 bed Rites of Passage transitional living home (for those aged out of foster care – 18 to 24 years of age) in Kensington, PA
  • 10 bed Sanctuary Program in York, PA

When you support my “Sleep Out”, you help us keep the lights on and doors open for the thousands of kids who seek help each year.

How can I Donate?

If you can give $5, $25, $50, $100 or more it all helps and all donations are tax deductible.
To donate online (credit/debit card):
go to https://luimbe.com/sleepout and click the button that reads “support me”
To donate in person (check, cash): I will enter your donations online on the spot.
Can’t Donate? if you can’t donate, please pass this along to 3 other brothers, friends or family who are not on this list.

March Madness! $1 Donated = $2 for Homeless Youth

Every dollar is matched.when you donate online between 7:00 PM tonight (March 20, 2019) and 7:00 PM the day of the Sleep Out (Friday March 22nd, 2019)What does that mean?

  • Give $25 + $25 Match = $50 goes to Covenant House PA.
  • Give $50 + $50 Match = $100 goes to Covenant House PA
  • Give $500 + $500 Match = $1000 goes to Covenant House PA

If you can, please support my fundraising effort!   
Thank You!