Boycott tonight’s NCAA championship!


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It is very obvious to me after years of analysis that the structure of determining the NCAA basketball champion must change. Remember folks, these are STUDENT-athletes, and adding all of these extra games onto their schedule takes them away from the classroom. Plus, all of this traveling around to different cities does not afford the opportunity to organize parades in the host cities, which is what the post-season should be all about.

Instead, I have devised an improved system that I will call “Basketbowl games” to address all that is wrong with this madness in the month of March.

We can keep the Selection Committee, because the NCAA is nothing without closed-door think-tanks. Once the Committee has ranked all of the available teams, each school will be assigned one opponent, who they will play at a neutral site (preferably far from home which forces fans to spend thousands of dollars to attend this one very important game). These individual games will be referred to as “Basketbowls”, and the winner of each game will be called a “champion”. That way, half of the teams involved can end their season as a champion.

Based on the results of the Committee’s 2011 rankings, the following Basketbowl games would have been played:


The 2 most “deserving” teams, who have “earned the right to play for the national championship”, will face each other in one game, and the winner of this game shall be the undisputed National Champion. All arguments against this team being the best in all of the land will be dismissed, and no further discussion of the matter will be allowed.

Here is where things get really cool…I will then allow 4 more games to be played as part of the “Basketbowl Championship Series”. As you know, the word “championship” implies that there is something at stake during these games (which there really isn’t, but if we include the word “championship” then it sounds awesome). And “series” implies that these games are somehow related, that the result of one influences the other, etc. That isn’t true either, but by including “series” in the name I will have successfully created the illusion of these games being involved in something big together. I am a genius!

ROSE BOWL – Dook vs Pitt
SUGAR BOWL – San Diego State vs Florida
FIESTA BOWL – Notre Dame vs UNC
COTTON BOWL – Syracuse vs Purdue

I could go on and on listing the rest of the bowl games, but I think you get the picture. Please note that you will not find scrub schools/teams like Butler/VCU involved in the Basketbowl Championship Series, because my Committee has met and their decision is final. They know everything about how to determine fitness for championship basketball, and those teams ARE NOT WORTHY! You may also notice that perennial powerhouses UConn and Kentucky are also not invited to the BCS…I mean Basketbowl Championship Series, because they just are not good this season.

If anyone can find a SINGLE flaw in this structure, please point it out to me! Join me in this boycott! And GO TERPS!