Thrown Stones from Glass Houses?


Letterman, like any late night talk show host, had some zingers for Clinton:

“Well, President Clinton has gotten himself a new dog. You know, I think it’s changing his life, kind of brightening him up. He’s teaching the dog to sit up, to beg, to roll-over, you know, just like he did with the interns.”

via Letterman Haunted by the Ghosts of Monica Lewinsky Jokes Past – Bill Clinton – Gawker.

Now that Letterman has his confessed his own intern f*cking issues to stem any speculation due to his grand jury testimony against and the successful apprehension of his would be extortionist, the decade plus of Clinton/Lewinsky jokes like the ones chronicled by Gawker are laughably hypocritical.

Thankfully Letterman took 10 minutes to lay it all out there, and his trysts should be fair game for other comedians, but outside of Bill Maher, Chelsea Handler or Jimmy Kimmel, I doubt any of the other late night hosts would take it there. He also gets somewhat of a pass from many folks because all this came out in the context of Letterman being victimized. The bigger worry for Letterman, now that his extortionist has been caught, is probably concerning sexual harassment claims that may be filed as a result of his behavior with these woman during, before and after his affairs with them.

Leno and Fallon got some quick jabs in. Maher wasn’t as derisive, but he had a few jokes as well. Shows what I know.

Also, Letterman’s current employees were not aware he was going to confess to TV land.

“Only the show’s producers knew what was about to go down,” adding that many “Late Show” staffers learned of the situation watching off-stage monitors in real time as Letterman weaved his tale. So the routine in which the audience was prepped, which usually involves a heavy emphasis on laughing and applauding often and loudly, was not altered in any way.

via Sources: ‘Late Show’ staffers were unaware of Letterman’s bombshell – Yahoo! News.