“Every Saturday, Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl”


No one my age, who listened to hip-hop, could forget that line from Biggie Smalls single “Juicy”. He was paying homage to a legend who has passed away Friday, Oct 2nd.

DJ Mr. Magic, one of hip hop’s conduits to radio, died Friday of a heart attack.

via DJ Mr. Magic, rap radio pioneer, has died.

Before Torrents, MP3’s and iTunes, these mix tape shows were the source of new music. Growing up in Harrisburg, we had no hip-hop radio stations and I didn’t have BET until late junior high school. My only recourse was to take blank cassette tapes whenever we visited anyone in Philadelphia, New York or New Jersey and record a hip-hop mix-tape show so I could take it home and learn all the latest. Mr. Magic pioneered this format of Radio show and the “mix-tape” hip-hop tradition.