Adidas Campaign – It’s on Me for We


To me, the two kinds of sports commercials that work best either highlight the art of the near impossible in athleticism so its damn near mythical or let the athletes make fun of themselves. The Adidas 2009 ad campaign showcases its stable of spokesmen demonstrating every move under the sun. Real sharp. (h/t RxFresh).

Nike mesmerized every football fan I knew in 2007 with the Michael Mann directed, “Leave Nothing” campaign featuring Shawne Merriman and Steven Jackson running through their NFL schedules and earth, wind, rain and fire.

Update: How could I forget..David Fincher’s commercial for Nike’s Leave Nothing 2008 campaign “Fate” featuring LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu. It built on the 2007 campaign, but established a destiny of sorts for the its two main characters.