Phillies need one more to get to the World Series


“Getting a hit is great,” Rollins said. “You know, getting a win for driving in that winning run is even better. The pileup and the beatdown that happens afterwards, that can be pretty dangerous, especially when Ryan Howard is the first guy out there. But then I guess he’s kind of like a shell at the same time, a little bit of protection.

“Only thing I didn’t want to do was get crushed, so I just kind of went in fetal position and started throwing punches, and whoever got hit, got hit. Ben Francisco did a pretty good job of throwing his arm around my neck and restraining me, so I think I caught the worst of it. So it’s a lot of fun, but that’s what we do.

“Baseball has changed, you probably didn’t have celebrations like that in the past, but today guys show emotion, I guess, a lot differently,” Rollins added. “That’s a good way to go into an off-day, but we understand we still have a job to do, and that’s over. The celebration, that part is done. We look forward to the off-day and getting back to Wednesday, trying to close it out.”

via Rollins’ walk-off has Phils win from Series | News.