Pilots Who Missed the Airport were Checking their Work Schedule


Or their fantasy football lineup. Or the back of their eyelids. All this while I have to turn my laptop WiFi and mobile phone off? Damn that. Passengers revolt: hell no, my cell won’t go!.

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What happened? Here are some options:

  • The airline is happy to let their pilots slide with a suspension and/or license revocation for being negligent while trying to avoid further public relations nightmare that would be associated with pilots being too tired, hungover and/or drunk to stay awake while flying a plane full of people.
  • the crew could be pretty bad pilots, got lost and tried to regain their bearings without contacting the control tower and admitting they screwed up?
  • or airline work schedules are so damn complicated they take two pilots and an hour and a half to review

Either way, these seem like two dunces. I am sure the flight recorder, debit card receipts and their mobile phone records will be reviewed to see what these two stooges actually did before they screwed up at 30,000 feet.

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