Where have I seen that sweat lodge cult leader before?


Oh yeah! It was when Oprah told the world what The Secret was all about! Thanks for letting us in on it Oprah! Master people cooker James Arthur Ray knows how you can be a smashing success!

The answer to your burning question? Yes, you will burn in here

Oprah Supports cooking people. (Shh. It's the Secret)

From JamesRay.com:

  • You simply (and deeply) want to make more money and become more successful…
  • You want to double, triple, even multiply by ten the size of your business…
  • You’ve already achieved at least a modest level of success and want to use that as a springboard to greater things…
  • You suspect there’s got to be something more to life…

You want all of this? Get in this pressure cooker disguised as a tent and bake yourself ’til your organs fail! Trust me, you’ll be in a better place! Your loved one in a rut, can’t find a job, recession got ’em down? SET THEM AND FORGET THEM!

“They couldn’t come back into their bodies because their bodies weren’t alive” -Beverly Bunn, Sweat Lodge Survivor. Yes she said that. She really said that. Want to know how gung ho James Arthur Ray was about “self help”:

“I can’t get her to move. I can’t get her to wake up,” Bunn recalled hearing from two sides of the 415-square-foot sweat lodge. Ray’s response: “Leave her alone, she’ll be dealt with in the next round.”

Loose lips sink ships. Keep that secret to yourselves. I hope they can charge and convict this quack and get these people some real help. One can hope can’t he?