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Grayson’s website has become a part of his blunt weapon arsenal in the fight for health care reform. People submit a brief story about a loved one who was not able to afford adequate health care. For better or for worse, Alan Grayson has the bully pulpit in favor of health care reform. as a chronicle of the word coming from that pulpit.

Jenny Fritts and baby girl Hailie
24 years old, Chicago, IL

Midge Hough writes:

Jenny our 24 year old daughter in-law and unborn baby died because she could not afford health insurance. In the richest country in the world our Jenny died. When she became ill she went to a for-profit hospital who was required to see her but they sent her away saying she had a cold, maybe a touch of bronchitis. 24 hours later she was much worse and my son was desperate. Sean took Jenny to the other hospital in town and lied saying they had insurance. She was examined and found to be very sick. She had respiratory failure, double pneumonia and sepsis. By that night she was on life support where she remained for 55 days, fighting for her life and the life of her baby. Jenny died 7 weeks ago. She leaves behind a 2 year old daughter who will never know her mother and her husband who is devastated. Jenny did not have to die. If there had been a public option Jenny would have been able to afford the care she so deserved. It’s too late for Jenny but not for the countless others still out there fighting. Please read Jennys story. I am currently an activist fighting for health care reform. I can be contacted at 312 753-5510

Courtesy Names of the Dead.