Poor Sopranos, Snub at the Emmys


At least Dave Pell thinks so. Don’t mean to nitpick, but this caught my eye in reading Pell’s post on Mad Men’s excellent Season 3 finale last night:

During the first couple seasons of Mad Men, I didn’t really think the show lived up to the hype. I love the show and we never miss an episode in my household, but with shows like Six Feet Under and The Sopranos so often being left at the Emmy altar, I wondered if Mad Men really deserved all the accolades.

via Davenetics* : Mad Men.

And I had to nitpick on that part highlighted in bold (by me). Been a long time reader of Daventics and prior to that Electablog but Pell is way off here. When the fuck did The Sopranos get left behind any awards Altar too long? Compared to The Wire’s nomination AND win snubs every year?

Update D. Pell gets an (unnecessary ‘cuz I still rock with Davenetics) pass for his “Sopranos snub thing” because he is married to an apparently awesome Gina Pell, who:

  • insisted that Mad Men was dope even when Dave was hatin’ on Draper and friends for two seasons
  • built a company who made this video for fun: