Falling Short: Hip-Hop Parody from Dr. Niles Crane


This parody falls flat on its face.

(h/t Gotcha Media)

It’s because he is parodying the Black Eyed Peas, who are pop stars by way of hip-hop, dance and R&B music. The BEP’s music is already catchier than most and once you see it on network TV, they have already re-tooled it for a wide audience. Remember this NBA commercial?

Once you saw the above promo, the original version “Let’s Get Retarded” was already old news.

Hip-hop, club or rock songs that are used in a marketing campaign (and jock jams are marketing campaigns) have already been used and retired by the best DJs (if they were ever the best party songs). They have been edited, re-mastered and the real lyrics have been replaced with family friendly verses that in themselves are parodies of sorts.

Here is will.i.am talking about his latest two dance hits “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Got a Feeling”.

When you are putting on a skully, a few loose shirts, and some baggy black jeans to ape the Black Eyed Peas after they just graced the Grammy’s stage dressed like street performers from some androgynous, multi-ethnic, synchronized future with uptempo, dance beats and lyrics that will be used to pump up the next Zumba class at Curves, you’re just doing it wrong.