Caffeine + Alcohol = Trouble


Sounds bad like a night of Red Bull and Vodkas.

Perhaps it is its special caffeine-and-sweet-wine recipe, which allows overly enthusiastic consumers to be tipsy and bouncy at the same time. Perhaps it is its array of snappy nicknames, including “Wreck the Hoose Juice” — hoose being a Scottish pronunciation of house — or its exotic provenance as the product of wine-making Benedictine monks at an abbey in England.

Whatever the cause, Buckfast has emerged as a symbol of Scotland’s entrenched drinking problems at a time when it is urgently debating how to address them. “For a large section of the Scottish population, their relationship with alcohol is damaging and harmful — to individuals, families, communities and to Scotland as a nation,” the Scottish government said in a recent report.

via Coatbridge Journal – For Scots, a Scourge Unleashed by a Bottle –

Apparently it has the consistency of “sizzurp” aka”dat purple drank”aka “dat purple dat urple purple” yessirr (h/t Attackerman)