Sec. LaHood was right: Tow your Sticky Pedal Toyota/Lexus to the dealership.


F*ck Toyota’s stock price. Toyota should have thought of that before they f*cked up their brake/accelerator software AND/OR hardware in 2.3 million cars in the USA and 7 million world wide.

Rest easy, they have a fix! First it was removing floor mats, then they wanted to shave down gas pedals, now its a metal plate added to the gas pedal. You know what that means? They don’t know. They don’t f*cking know. And they don’t care to know because Toyota’s main concern as a “corporate citizen” was protecting its profit margins by preventing a full scale recall as opposed to finding a real solution:

The Detroit Free Press explains, “Toyota’s leading U.S. executive boasted to the automaker’s Washington staff last summer that they had saved the company more than $100 million by limited any regulatory action on sudden acceleration to a recall of equipment such as floor mats, according to documents turned over to a key U.S. House committee holding hearings on the issue Wednesday.” The News notes, “Earlier this month before the hybrid recall, Toyota executives estimated that the unintended acceleration recalls would cost $2 billion in lost sales and cost of extra parts for repairs.”

via Toyota Memo Brags of Saving $100M with “Limited” Recall – U.S. News Rankings and Reviews.

The “fixes” they seem like placebos. Compare what real people’s concerns are:

…to what the f*ck CNBC is talking about:

It’s winter in much of America and 2.3 million of these cars can potentially have this. Here is the fix. It’s a transparent attempt to placate car buyers. Not a parts replacement, software upgrade, a stupid sugar pill of a modification.

These cars have an all too high chance of not working in the most basic way you expect a car to work. La Hood shouldn’t have had to back track, he was exactly right. If it was a baby car seat that didn’t buckle babies in, this would be a no brain-er, its just that the companies that create the vehicles that you strap a baby car seats into have better lobbyists. Your baby is no more safe.

Good thing Toyota can find ways to dump even more cash directly into our politicians coffers thanks to the Citizens United vs. FEC ruling. When they make a Corolla where the wheels may fall of when you make left turns, a house resolution will be introduced to declare them “car of the year”.