Dave Winer sets the best price for news on the iPad

Rupert Murdoch - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009

Media Giant Rupert Murdoch: "I would pay wall Fox & Friends!"

Creative Commons License photo credit: World Economic Forum

Surprise Rupert! It’s $0.00!

The IBM PC came with a choice of operating systems.

1. CP/M — then the leading OS, installed on most computers, including Apple’s.

2. UCSD P-system — a very popular system, largely because Apple was an early adopter. My software at the time, ThinkTank, was written to run under the P-system.

3. PC-DOS — a new operating system created by Microsoft for IBM. At the time Microsoft wasn’t a very big company. Apple was much larger, so was the publisher of the leading spreadsheet, and the publisher of the leading word processing software.

The prices of the three products were, respectively: $450, $550, $40.

So which of the three became the default choice? Do I have to even ask?


So the best price for a newspaper on the iPad is $0. (Sorry. I know this isn’t what the news guys want to hear.)

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